Houston Commercial Construction: Multi-Story Tilt Wall

Houston commercial construction professional using concrete
Tilt wall Houston commercial construction is extremely versatile for your project.

Ground-up Houston commercial construction is a great way to create a new real estate investment or a brand new building for your company. There are many things to consider, including the materials and methods for your project. One thing to note is that tilt wall construction offers many benefits for commercial construction projects and can even be used for multi-story buildings. 

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Why Consider Tilt Wall for Houston Commercial Construction

Houston tilt wall construction comes with many advantages compared to other types of construction. Tilt wall construction, also known as tilt up construction, involves making the building’s walls into concrete panels. This means creating forms on the ground at the construction site, pouring concrete, and allowing it to fully cure. Then, we tilt the panels up vertically into the walls of the building using cranes or other heavy equipment. The panels are braced to hold in place and then the Houston commercial construction team adds the final touches like installing windows, adding exterior finishes, and building out the inside. 

Some advantages of tilt wall construction include:

  • Fast completion times
  • Inexpensive for labor and materials
  • Significant design input
  • Durable building

The key is to work closely with your design team to ensure that everything suits your needs. After the concrete cures, it’s difficult to add things like openings for doors and windows that aren’t in the original designs.

Houston Tilt Wall Construction Can Be Used for Multi-Story Buildings

While many people associate tilt wall construction with single-story buildings like warehouses, recent innovations make it possible to create multi-story buildings with tilt wall construction. There are several examples of tilt wall buildings that are two or more stories high. In fact, tilt wall Houston commercial construction is even becoming popular for multi-story office building construction. 

If you’re considering tilt wall for your construction project, your Houston commercial general contractor can help you determine if it’s the right choice for your vision. It’s key to understand that tilt wall isn’t perfect for every project. For instance, it’s critical to ensure the building can stand up to normal loads based on the overall design. Also, for buildings with a significant number of openings for windows and doors, it may be better to choose a different construction type. However, Houston tilt wall construction is a great option for many types of commercial buildings, including retail, office buildings, and medical facilities. 

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