Durability of Houston Tilt Wall Construction

Braced concrete panel for Houston tilt wall construction
Houston tilt wall construction is an ultra-durable construction method for your commercial or industrial building.

Houston tilt wall construction is an incredibly popular option for commercial and industrial buildings. This construction method uses reinforced concrete, which offers many benefits for construction. One of these benefits is that these buildings are incredibly durable. Read on to learn more about durability of tilt wall buildings and how Houston tilt wall construction works. 

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How Durable is Houston Tilt Wall Construction?

One reason many property owners choose Houston tilt wall construction is that it’s a very durable option. These buildings are made of reinforced concrete formulated for structural integrity and durability. As such, they can last a significant amount of time. 

Today, buildings are designed to have a service life of approximately 30 years or so before they need major repairs or even replacement through demolition and reconstruction. However, concrete buildings can last 100 years or more. Just look at all the ancient buildings built of Roman concrete that are still standing today – concrete lasts a really long time. In fact, usually when you see concrete tilt wall buildings demolished, it’s usually because the building’s design is no longer functional. However, more commonly you’ll see property owners keep the concrete shell and simply renovate to fit new uses. 

Concrete resists many things that would damage other buildings, including:

  • Weather
  • Moisture
  • Fire
  • UV rays
  • Insects
  • Pests
  • Chemicals

These buildings don’t rot or rust and require little maintenance to keep in good condition. 

If you’re looking for some other reasons to consider Houston tilt wall construction for your project, some other benefits include being cost-effective and quick to construct. Concrete is a pretty economical building material and also requires less labor to construct. Also, these buildings can go up faster than many other types of buildings, so it’s really a no-brainer on why you should choose tilt wall. 

How Tilt Wall Works

Your Houston commercial general contractor can walk you through the entire process for tilt wall, from design to final finishes. However, it helps to know the basics. 

After designing your building, your contractor prepares the site for construction. This site work may include leveling the ground, adding utility connections, and other similar things. They will then create concrete forms based on the final building designs. These forms will be the molds for the exterior walls of your building. Next, we pour the concrete into the forms and allow it to cure. 

Once the concrete is fully cured, then the next part involves tilting the walls up into a standing position. This part involves using Houston commercial construction equipment like cranes to do the heavy-duty lifting. Once lifted, the building exterior pieces are connected and we can begin finishing out the inside of the building to your exact specifications.

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